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Drupal, an open source CMS used widely for website development across the globe, has some of the biggest sites which drive high traffic under its belt. This emphasizes the growing popularity of the open source CMS in an era of high competition. Every time a newer version of the CMS is released, the existing set of features are upgraded to make it more seamless in nature. Having worked on various versions of Drupal for over a decade, we at Specbee have studied, worked and implemented at each stage of its journey. Subsequently, for a website to be efficient, tasks like Drupal upgrade and Migration are a must.

As industry experts in Drupal migration services, our team is equipped to handle migrations of any type or size. Whether it is migration from a completely different CMS to Drupal 8, or just upgrading your existing version of Drupal, we use the best methodologies, tools and modules to move your content, database and other important information quickly and effectively.

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Why Migrate to Drupal 8?

  • Mobile First Approach
  • Improved Performance
  • Integration with REST-ful Web Services
  • Well-defined Configurations
  • Highly Customizable and Stable
  • Twig Template Engine
  • High Speed & Security

With features like superior language and global support, easy content authoring, better UX and uncomplicated customizations, Drupal 8 is a fine-tuned CMS to help grow your business. With a focus on technical architecture of the site, website build and front-end development, content migration and performance optimization throughout the process, we provide seamless Drupal 8 migration services with our engagement models. With a portfolio of having migrated numerous pages to Drupal 8 at a 100% success rate, our experts make your transition into the Drupal world, easy and smooth.

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